Adult Students

If life got too busy and left you no time to practice and play the piano, maybe now is your time.  I work with adult students of any age to renew/review/improve on skills learned as earlier in life and bring the joy of music back.

Or if you have never played and now you’d like to give it a try I can help you get started on your journey enjoying piano.  It’s never too late!  You can learn to play piano at any age!

~”I always wanted to learn piano, but as a child I did not have the opportunity. I thought it was too late for me to learn, that my brain was too old, and my fingers wouldn’t cooperate. Kellie proved me wrong! Now I can sit at the piano and play songs just for fun, something that I had always wanted to do. She believed in me, and now I believe in myself too.” ~Amy, a 50+ year old student.

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