Adult Students

If life got too busy and left you no time to practice and play the piano, maybe now is your time.  I work with adult students of any age to renew/review/improve on skills learned as earlier in life and bring the joy of music back.

If you have never played and now you’d like to give it a try I can help you get started on your journey enjoying piano.  It’s never too late!  You can learn to play piano at any age!

“I always wanted to learn piano, but as a child I did not have the opportunity. I thought it was too late for me to learn, that my brain was too old, and my fingers wouldn’t cooperate. Kellie proved me wrong! Now I can sit at the piano and play songs just for fun, something that I had always wanted to do. She believed in me, and now I believe in myself too.” ~ Amy, a 50+ year old student

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