EASY Learn to Read Music Notes Workbook: learn to read music easily with memory helping mnemonics

Mnemonics are memory aids used to recall information. The first letter of each word is used to make a sentence that is easy to remember. In this workbook, I designed these unique mnemonics to make reading music very easy!

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Instructions for this workbook:
Identify and write in the note name by using the mnemonics, which are conveniently printed on each page. I’ve also included some word search puzzles for you to increase your musical vocabulary. BONUS: coloring pages & mazes.

About the author:
Hi, my name is Kellie and I’ve been playing & teaching piano for over 50 years! I designed this mnemonics system to make learning to read music very easy for anyone, of any age. I hope you enjoy this workbook and that very soon you will enjoy your new skill of reading music!

“My child is learning to read music so fast with this new mnemonic, and enjoys the bonus games in the back of the book .”

~happy mom in Dallas

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